Hand Drum Birthing Ceremony
This ceremony is an awakening experience for you and your brand new hand drum. This
ceremony is done to awaken the spirit of the drum that has been created for healing. Through
traditional medicine and healing vibrations, the spirit of the drum is awakened.
The animal and tree that gave their lives to become this sacred object is honoured and feasted.
This ceremony is sacred and ideal for all ages.

Full Moon Ceremony
This ceremony is cleansing and renewing. Traditionally this ceremony was for women only and
used to honour our moon cycles. This ceremony can be adapted to include men and children.
This ceremony is done outdoors when possible and takes place within 4 days of the full moon.
Teachings are shared around the specific moon and time of year, along with what the land is
currently experiencing.
This ceremony gives you an opportunity to let go of the last moon and open yourself to the coming moon.
Space for prayers, gratitude, and grief are created in ceremony for deep healing. This ceremony is sacred and ideal for all ages.

Feasting Ceremony
This ceremony is honouring and grounding. Traditionally this ceremony took place when the
seasons changed, a loved one past, and for sacred objects created and carried in ones’ bundle.
This ceremony is rooted in gratitude and reminds us to take the time to thank our ancestors and
loved ones that have passed on to the spirit world. With traditional foods and medicines the
spirits are recognized for the work they continue to do here on mother earth. This ceremony is
ideal for all ages.

Medicine Card Reading
This ceremony is guiding and enlightening. This is a contemporary ceremony lead by Aqua Nibii
Waawaaskone. Following a cleansing with sacred medicines and a light meditation, you are
lead on a journey where your own energy is the guiding light to the answers you seek. Going
within and working with the medicine cards and the medicine of our earth’s animals shows us
our blind spots so we can see clearly. This ceremony is done one-on-one and ideal for ages 10 and up, including adults.








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