Hand Drum Making

This workshop is a transformative experience. You will have the opportunity to make your own
deerskin hand drum with white ash frame (available in 12” & 14”) and maple striker. You will
learn how to take care of your drum so your drum can take care of you through its healing
vibrations. This workshop is ideal for anyone over the age of 7 and can be done alone or as a
couple or parent and child.

Hand Drum Circle

This workshop is an incredibly healing experience. It encompasses teachings of the hand drum
and how it is used in ceremony. The drum allows your heartbeat to connect to the earth’s
heartbeat. A beautiful mix of traditional, ceremonial, contemporary, and original hand drum
songs by Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone are sung and taught through kinaesthetic ways of knowing.
This workshop is ideal for all ages from babies in the womb, toddlers, children, youth, adults,
and elders. All are welcome.

Land Acknowledgment & Treaties

This workshop is a wonderfully informative experience. It deconstructs the land
acknowledgment; why it is now spoken at schools, organizations, businesses, and corporations.
The significance of acknowledging the traditional territories is explored through a treaty exercise
where participants create their own treaty; an agreement that states how two parties will share
their home. Treaties are legal binding documents that have been used between the First
Nations’ People and the European Settlers. This exercise is debriefed to give the participants a
deeper understanding of how and why treaties were created and their affects on the current
state of our society as a whole. This workshop is ideal for ages 5 and up, including adults.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

This workshop is beautiful and holistic. It includes all aspects of creation and how they are all
equally important. It honours the four sacred directions, elements, stages of life, seasons,
aspects of self, medicines, and Nations of humanity. It is a wonderful introduction to Indigenous
culture of Turtle Island~North America. This workshop is ideal for ages 3 and up, including

7 Grandfather Teachings

This workshop is a beautiful exploration. It is perfect for anyone seeking knowledge and
understanding around our struggles in our human experience on Mother Earth. Learning the 7
Grandfather Teachings allows us to become more Respectful, Loving, Wise, Humble,
Courageous, Honest, and Truthful people. The teachings are shared through a guided
meditation and can also include an artistic expression to represent the learnings from these
beautiful and sacred teachings. Debriefing the workshop also deepens the level of
understanding and learning through the process of experience. This workshop is ideal for ages
3 and up, including adults.

Water Teachings

This workshop is sacred and honours the waters inside and outside of our beings. We are
mostly made of water and that is awakened during this workshop through traditional teachings
of the waters that run through mother earth and through our veins. Water songs are sung with
the help of the hand drum. Water is Life. Water is Medicine. We are Life. We are Medicine. This
workshop teaches us to understand our power and how we are able to affect the waters of
ourselves, others, and the earth. This workshop is ideal for ages 3 and up, including adults.

The Residential School System

This workshop is integral to understanding the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island~North
America. This is a challenging workshop for all involved, as we delve into the darker parts of our
history. This workshop discusses the instatement of the residential school system, it’s initial
intent, and its horrific outcome. This workshop, although difficult is truly life altering, as we
acknowledge the past we shift our present thinking to influence our future. This is perfect for
non-Indigenous people who did not have the opportunity to learn the true history of this land that
we all call home. This workshop can be adapted to suit ages 3 to 10 and is ideal for ages 10
and up, including adults.

Pre & Post Colonial Contact

This workshop is important to understand the current state of our society and the relationships
between Indigenous Peoples and the Government. This is achieved through the power of the
imagination. Participants are guided through a visual experience of imagining themselves as
Indigenous people before contact with European Settlers. The landscape, individual
responsibilities, and the beauty of life is described in great detail. The participants have the
opportunity to connect their identity to this new life. Through the debriefing process participants
learn how Indigenous peoples’ lives changed forever and how that influenced our current state
of being. This workshop is ideal for ages 5 and up, including adults.








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