“Thank you so much for coming! I have heard nothing but praise for both your
performances, from student and teachers. One student said, “It was the most bestest
day ever!” And a teacher said, “That was the best performance we’ve had at our
school.” The kindergarten teacher said that when they got back to class, the kids
flipped over some buckets and began drumming. One girl said, “This is soft, like when
we were in our mommy’s tummy, and this is loud like when we’re excited!” Everyone
learned something! A little girl said, “I LOVED Aqua’s voice! I just LOVED everything!”
And another teacher said that she loved how you had the kids just mesmerized. The
way you had the kids enthralled was wonderful. Your background in teaching shows.
Thanks again.”

~Catherine Watson Primary Teacher at Stanley Public School December 2017
Indigenous Hand Drum & Dance Performance & Teachings~

~~~~ ~~~~

“What an impactful learning experience! I’m still talking about it today.
I also really appreciated our debrief session.”

~Amy Scholl K-12 Learning Coach January 2017 Elders, Arts, and Indigenous
Teachings Workshop at Richview Collegiate Institute~

~~~~ ~~~~

“Aqua is the best!”
“Great way to tell the story of Indigenous people, opportunity to learn…”
“Aqua is always such a beautiful way to start the forum”

~Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative Staff from the October 2017 Forum~








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